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pbwiki uses standard, simple wiki formatting. You can click Edit (above) to see how this page is formatted.



Text formatting

  • One * at the beginning of a line makes a bullet point, like this.
  • One ! makes a huge headline
  • Two !! makes a big headline (like "Text formatting" above)
  • Three !!! makes a small headline
  • Two * before and after something makes it bold
  • Two apostrophes ' before and after something makes it italic
  • Three dashes ---- make a horizontal bar
  • One vertical bar before and after something puts a box around it
  • Surrounding text with <u> and </u> makes it underlined
  • To make wiki ignor its normal formatting: <verbatim> (longer sections) or <raw> (shorter sections) tags. For example, to use square brackets in a sentence, you would write <raw>[blah blah]</raw>.





  • If you use two capital letters in a word with lowercase letters in between, pbwiki will automatically recognize the word as a link to a page. This is why we write words that LookFunny like SandBox instead of sandbox or Sandbox. If you use a word like FunnyWord but don't yet have a page called FunnyWord, you can create such a page by just clicking on the word.
  • You can also just type or paste in URLs like http://pbwiki.com/ - you can beautify URLs by adding brackets, like this: pbwiki (click Edit to see how this was done)
  • You can also show pictures in your wiki. Just add the link to the picture in brackets! (Click edit above to see how I added the sandwich here!)



Email addresses like support@pbwiki.com - just prefix with mailto:


Special Pages

  • RecentChanges shows you all of the changes recently made to your wiki.
  • FindPage lets you search your wiki for a term or phrase.
  • AllPages lets you list all of the pages in your wiki.


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